Developer Pack

In our 2 to 3 days Blockchain developer trainings, you will learn everything you need to start building your first dApps. These courses give you the know-how to use all the required tools and to set up a professional development environment, possibilities and understand the limitations as well as the main concepts and features of each platform's coding language.

We are constantly updating our developer packs and adding new ones based on the market demand and newest Distributed Ledger Technologies advancements. Feel free to share with us your interest on a specific Blockchain course and maybe your latest favorite protocol will be featured here below!

Ethereum Developer Training

Program Curriculum

Day 1

  • Introduction to Solidity

  • Using Remix for smart contract coding

  • Setting up the development environment

  • Introduction to Truffle and Ganache

  • Setting up a private PoA Ethereum Network

Day 2

  • Ethereum in detail: Accounts, Transactions, Gas, EVM

  • Writing, compiling, deploying and interacting with smart contracts

  • ERC20 Tokens standard

  • Automated smart contract deployments to main or test-net

Day 3

  • Web3 decentralized applications and decentralized storage

  • Individual or group work on your own project with coaching support

  • Project presentations


NEO Developer Training

Program Curriculum

Day 1

  • Cryptography in Blockchain

  • The theory of NEO

Day 2

  • NEO smart contract development tools set-up

  • Make your first Smart Contract

Day 3

  • NEP-5 token

  • Build a DApp on NEO privatenet


Hyperledger Bootcamp & Training

Coming soon

IOTA Developer Training

Program Curriculum

Day 1

  • IOTA Protocol Basics

  • Development tools

  • The Theory behind IOTA

Day 2

  • Network and Infrastructure setup

  • Private Tangles

  • IOTA Development, libraries and working with transactions

Day 3

  • MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging)

  • Audit Trail PoC Development


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