SSIGate - Manage your Corporate Data Trustfully

A digital service to easily and securely manage identity-related data in your software solution

SSIGate is a solution implementing Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) standards and data model in a fully managed way. It can be integrated into any software solution to unleash the SSI capabilities.  

It is all about Trust and Privacy!

"How do I ensure that the digital information I receive is legit?"

"How can I keep control on the information I am providing?"


Using the Self-Sovereign Identity standard, SSIGate is answering these questions and much more.


Securely validate and trust the data and its integrity.


Ensure that the certification is still valid, not expired and not revoked by the issuer.


The identity owner has full control over how its data is managed.


SSI is a Digital identity standard which is universally discoverable and interoperable across a range of systems.


Provide the assurance that the information hasn't been unauthorizedly altered.


SSI comes with privacy and data protection by design.


SSIGate for Business

Bring all SSI benefits to increase the efficiency of your processes without compromising on integrity and security.



A simple REST API to connect your business services and applications to leverage SSI capabilities.



Each entity has its own personal agent who is managing incoming and outgoing SSI request.


Cloud Storage

Safe Cloud Storage Management for your Identity Wallets with 2 possible approaches: custodial or non-custodial.


Private Communication

Private peer-to-peer communication with other parties to securely exchange data.

Use Case: Supplier Onboarding

How SSIGate is used by our clients to drastically improve the efficiency of  a long and repetitive process of supplier onboarding.


A repetitive and time consuming task

In order to comply with the industry regulation, every company has its own due diligence process to assess supplier risks.

To complete the due diligence process a supplier needs to answer an extensive set of questionnaires in different risk areas such as Labor Rights or Health Safety.


Similarities create improvement opportunity 

80% of overlap between on-boarding questionnaires of companies from the same industry.

Questionnaires are not standardized.

Onboarding data is not mappable between different companies.

Due diligence results are not shared among other companies, increasing their internal costs.


Solution with SSIGate: Share trust  among participants

A Supplier can easily apply to another company without going through the similar long onboarding procedure.

Company B can validate the outcome of the process already done by Company A for each risk area and eventually apply a "lightweight" onboarding procedure.


At Swisscom Blockchain we believe in interoperability. We think every client should be able to select its own provider without worrying about compatibility with other services. That's why we have made our Cloud Identity Wallet interoperable, using common standard.

Have a look how we did it within our solution for supplier onboarding with our partner Spherity.


Time to market

We take care of the SSI complexity. You can focus on exploiting the benefits of this technology for your business.

Enterprise-grade solution

SSIGate has been designed with enterprise requirements in mind. It is capable to integrate seamlessly into any existing IT solutions and is fully scalable.

Simple integration

Easily benefit from SSI data management model capabilities using our state of the art REST API.

High security standards

SSIGate code and architecture have been audited and tested to comply with highest Swisscom standards in terms of security and data governance.

Global standard

We implemented globally recognized standards. Using SSIGate your solution will be compatible with any other SSI solution.

Business focus

SSIGate has been developed taking business requirements from our customers as central focus, bringing maximal value to them.